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Infinity Biotech Spa e Scuderia Infinity meet Thermostar e Medicleantec Schweiz Green Cleaning Concept

Infinity Biotech Spa and Scuderia Infinity meet Thermostar and Medicleantec Schweiz Green Cleaning Concept-Reinigen ohne Chemie for an interesting meeting about the future of disinfection.

Aida Yespica valet of excellence for the occasion presents Roberto Facchini Hernandez (our CEO) and Peter Bertagnoll (CEO of Thermostar and Medicleantec) on stage as international representatives of GREEN products and solutions that will increasingly prevent the presence of bacteria in any environment, thus investing in our health and ensuring a better quality of life πŸ€

On this occasion, the prize of SCUDIERO WORLD 🌎 was given to Dr. Federici Franco – Health Director of Azienda Usl of Piacenza – as a thank you for his commitment in the fight against covid-19 in the hospital clinics of one of the most affected cities.


“Disinfection and Sanitation, thanks to the solutions found to deal with an unexpected enemy like the coronavirus, have proven to be the weapons that our community has at its disposal even in the fight against infections and the presence of pathogens in our operating rooms. It’s the war of the future that already to this day causes 40,000 deaths/year, and it’s important to emphasize that to start investing in effective prevention solutions.” πŸ₯πŸ›‘

Not only that, as every year the most anticipated appointment with the SCUDERIA INFINITY AWARDS.
12 awards for the over 80 Squires who put themselves on the line this year:

COURAGE Award for @TECNOCOOP ( Gorizia GO)
@Paolo Todisco in fact had a job crisis 2 years ago because of Covid, he rolled up his sleeves and today is the main reference of his company in the field of sanitation thanks to some winning choices made.

“Cutting-edge technologies allow us to guarantee maximum results in terms of the effectiveness of our interventions, thus winning over even the most demanding customers. This year, it was our turn to sanitize an entire Netflix set for an important Italian film to be released in 2022.”

Master Prize for @PM SRL ( Frosinone FR)
@Enzo Loccia, 52 years of life in the service of sanitization. First an employee and then an entrepreneur, he has just joined the Scuderia but is already an important technical reference for all of us.

“My experience is the bearer of truth: investing and incentivizing cutting-edge technologies in this sector is the only way to improve our daily lifestyle.”

@Marco Lonardi representative of one of the most historical companies in the Scuderia. Our faithful collaborators and supporters of prevention also and above all in the Legionella field.

“COVID-19 is only the last known enemy, other pathologies such as Legionella are present daily around us, especially in the hospital, tourism and catering sectors. Having full awareness and performing constant controls is the first step to prevent and avoid unpleasant health fallout.”

@Luigi di Lallo directly from beautiful Naples is responsible for a new entry 2021 for Scuderia.

“A player alone can score many goals, but it’s the team that wins. In Infinity I found the spirit of a family ready to invest together in solutions for the health of all”

iMini and iBasic black edition atomizers for:
@SUN LAUNDRY by @Ciani Tiziano ( Ferrara FE)
“A small company but with great perseverance and… substance! Determination to undertake change and choose Hydrogen Peroxide instead of other solutions already on the market for years (even before the national recognition in this regard!)”.
@NUOVA CIANIDRICA di Monica Rapone ( Genova GE)
“We have been in the industry since 1922, a symbol of the importance to the fight against pathogens. This year we will disinfect all the ferries that will arrive in Sardinia from our city”.

Infinity Recognition for:
@MULTISERVICE A DOMICILIO by @Carlo Nossardi ( Cagliari CA)
@SMART NRG of Luca Benetton ( Padova PA)
@DNR SICUREZZA of @Pasquale Di Napoli ( Naples NA)
@ELETTROCHIMICA SRL of @Paolo MistΓ² ( Varese VA)
@BE IMPIANTI of Laurent Zambon ( Aosta AO)

We thank all participants in the hope that it will be a good omen to put behind us this ugly enemy (Covid-19) and to start fighting together against other pathogens still present throughout Italy and for which a continuous prevention with advanced technologies is necessary.